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There’s not one “best” VPN for everyone. There are several high-quality options depending on your needs, and I’ve listed my top recommendations below. You can also watch this playlist to see comparisons of my favorite options.

Christian's Picks


Best Overall


ExpressVPN is my favorite VPN for general usage. It’s blazing fast on my gigabit Ethernet, it handles streaming effortlessly, and the apps are user-friendly. It’s like the “iPhone” of VPNs. It’s always smooth.


Best Budget VPN


Surfshark features impressive performance for the price. It’s almost as good as ExpressVPN for much less. It’s a great option for streaming. The biggest downside to Surfshark is its slower upload speeds and frequent captchas when doing Google searches.


Best Privacy-First VPN


Privacy is an important aspect of any VPN, but if protecting your data is the most important factor to you, MullvadVPN is what I recommend. They don’t require any personal information to sign up, and you can pay with crypto. It’s also available for an affordable monthly price – no 1-2 year packages required.


Best Advanced VPN

Private Internet Access

Looking for options like a dedicated IP and split tunneling? Private Internet Access is my favorite “advanced” VPN for enthusiasts who want to configure all the options.

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