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If you are one of the many users who bought their first domain at GoDaddy, you are likely overpaying for your domain and website products and don’t even realize it. Here are some better options to save you money and frustration.

Christian's Picks

Domain Registrar

Best for Beginners


Buying your first domain name? Intimidated by terms like “DNS” and “nameservers”? If so, Hover provides a simple, guided experience to set up your domain and connect it to the most common website builders with just a few clicks. Their world-class customer support is also there to help when you need it. Hover is expensive, though, so I would not recommend it for multiple domain names. As your portfolio grows, you’ll want to consider other options.

Domain Registrar

Best for Multiple Domains


Ready to buy your second, third, or fourth domain? As your portfolio grows, cost becomes even more important. Porkbun is a no-frills registrar that gives you everything you need for less. The dashboard isn’t the most intuitive, but you still have everything needed to utilize your domain. Porkbun is what I use for my domains, and it could save you tens, if not hundreds of dollars per year depending on how many domains you have.

Domain Registrar

Best for Enthusiasts


You know who you are! If you already use Cloudflare to manage your DNS, you can also get domains at wholesale cost directly from Cloudflare. The biggest downside is that you cannot change the nameservers of your domain and are forced to use Cloudflare DNS. Also, they have a limited selection of TLDs compared to other registrars. If you already use and enjoy Cloudflare DNS, it’s a no-brainer to save even more money.

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