Password Manager

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Using a password manager is one of the most important tools you can invest in. Even if you can’t afford a paid option, there are wonderful free options. Do yourself a favor and take the step of securing your accounts properly.

Christian's Picks

Password Manager

Best Overall


1Password is my favorite password manager for individuals and small teams. We use it with our team here at Craylor Media, and it’s simple and intuitive while including powerful features like custom fields, 2FA vault support, and more.

Password Manager

Best Free Option


Using a password manager is one of the most effective ways to increase your online security. Because of this, using a free password manager is better than not using a password manager at all. BitWarden is a secure, reliable, open-source password manager that is 100% free to use. The interface and apps are not the most intuitive, and it doesn’t have all of the flashy features of paid options, but you can still use it to secure your digital life.

Password Manager

Best Advanced Option


Need an enterprise-level password manager that is customizable in every way imaginable? Look no further than Keeper. Its rich features such as SSO, reports, and secure messaging make it the best password manager for power users and corporations.

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