I Gave Up on Linktree and You Should Too! | Best Linktree Alternatives

We all know that Instagram is an essential and powerful way to grow your brand as an influencer or company, but how do you make the most of it? Since Instagram posts cannot contain links, it’s critical to have an intuitive way for your audience to engage with links and outside content.

Everyone is using Linktree, but there are better options.

Naturally, I signed up for Linktree with searching for a “bio link” system. It’s free, simple, and the service that “everyone” is using. After using Linktree, I realized how limiting it was. There’s no way to add images or rich content to links? Everything looks the same? I need to pay $6/month to change the colors? There had to be a better solution.

I looked at the main alternatives: linkin.bio, bio.fm, campsite.bio, and Shorby.


Some alternatives, such as linkin.bio, are exponentially worse than Linktree.

Linkin.bio at a Glance

They offer an “Instagram profile” like landing page that looks like a carbon copy of your Instagram profile. Visitors are supposed to click the appropriate post to be redirected to the corresponding link, but I find this system confusing, convoluted, and unintuitive.


Other options, such as bio.fm, offer rich visuals and elements in the free version. Bio.fm was the best Linktree alternative I tested. They do have some restrictions on the free version, and the Pro version will cost a hefty $10/month.

My bio.fm Page on Desktop


The best Linktree alternative I found, and the one I would use if the price was not important, is Shorby. It’s everything I’ve been searching for in a landing page. A clean layout, simple editor, subtle animations, and more.


I have no complaints about Shorby.. except for the price. The $9/month price tag and lack of a free version means that Shorby is only a viable option for larger influencers and businesses who can justify the price. I personally was unwilling to pay the price for Shorby, so I opted to bite the bullet and create a totally custom landing page on my WordPress website.

Going custom

After a few hours of work (and inspiration from Shorby), I had a completely custom landing page that looks great on desktop and mobile! I used WPBakery to create a simple and intuitive landing page that I love.

My custom landing page

While not the easiest option, this is definitely the most affordable option. You can get basic WordPress hosting from Hostinger for roughly $25/year. When you add in a domain name, you’ve spent $35/year, or $3/month on your custom landing page! Let’s not forget that you can create a fully functional website with WordPress using the same domain and hosting, and if you already have a WordPress site, you can just add another page like I did to make your landing page.

Which solution did you pick?

I’d love to hear which option you picked! Did you use Bio.fm for the best free value? Shorby for ease of use and convenience? A custom option like me? Drop a comment below.

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You should Make YouTube Video on how to make a custom landing page using WordPress

Thanks for the suggestion! I may make a tutorial in the future.

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